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Thanks for Joining Us!

We are thrilled to have had you as a part of our inaugural industry event. We hope you had a chance to connect with movers and shakers of the drone industry and gain valuable insight from our sessions. 

Here you will find the session recordings so that you can access all the educational material from EUAV on the go. 

1-Aug-08-2023-04-06-35-9597-PM Operations/Automation
Advancing Automation in Drone Operations: Exploring the DJI Dock
3-Aug-08-2023-04-06-41-4172-PM Construction
Value In Reality Capture: Drone & Handheld Solutions For Construction, Engineering, & Surveying
EUAV Sponsors & Partners (2) Agriculture
Part 137 Drone Spraying Operations
EUAV Sponsors & Partners (1) Public Safety
Critical Missions Success—Transforming Public Safety with UAV Technology
1-Aug-08-2023-04-06-35-9597-PM Construction
Ensuring Surveying Accuracy with DJI Enterprise Solutions
HSE Agriculture
Leveraging Spraying Drones in Agriculture
2-Aug-08-2023-04-06-41-3493-PM Operations/Automation
Mission Critical— Save Time, Budget, and Lives with Secure Drone Technology
5-4 Operations/Automation
Cellular Connectivity Driving the Future of Drone Operations
EUAV Sponsors & Partners (1) Energy
3D Mapping for Pipeline Inspections & Minimizing Risks
1-Aug-08-2023-04-06-35-9597-PM Operations/Automation
Safety & Efficiency Through Automated Drone Operations
11-1 Operations/Automation
UAS Use Cases and the Importance of Safety, Training, and Certification
9-1 Public Safety
Emergency Response Made Faster, Safer, and Smarter
8-1 Operations/Automation
Enterprise Drone Software in the Future of Drone Operations
EUAV Sponsors & Partners (3) Construction
Unified, Automated, and Intelligent Reality Capture
EUAV Sponsors & Partners (2) Agriculture/Construction
Laws and Problem for Beyond Line of Sight (BVLOS) Operations for Agriculture, Mapping/Surveying, and Drone-in-a-Box Inspections
EUAV Sponsors & Partners (3) Construction
Monitoring Construction Progress and Earthworks on Your Jobsite
EUAV Sponsors & Partners (1) Agriculture
Emerging Applications of Drones in Sustainable Agriculture
EUAV Sponsors & Partners (1) Construction
Drone-Based Site Analysis and Pre-Construction Assessments
1-Aug-08-2023-04-06-35-9597-PM Agriculture
DJI Agras T20P + DJI SmartFarm Web: Introduction to the Latest Products from DJI Agras
EUAV Sponsors & Partners (1) Operations/Automation
Flying Above the Mark - Key Steps to Managing a Drone Program Successfully
EUAV Sponsors & Partners (1) Agriculture
Maximizing Crop Yield with NDVI: A Guide to Assessing Crop Health with Drones
EUAV Sponsors & Partners (1) Energy
Drone Applications in Solar Energy: Inspection, Monitoring, and Asset Management
Using Drone-Collected Data for Urban Modeling and Flood Simulation
EUAV Sponsors & Partners (1) Public Safety
Search and Rescue Operations with Drones
EUAV Sponsors & Partners (1) Public Safety
Disaster Response with Drones
Drone Responders Public Safety
FL Public Safety Drone Regulations and F.S 934.50
EUAV Sponsors & Partners (1) Public Safety
Unmanned Aviation: Regulation, Integration, and Opportunity (LATAM)
6-4 Operations/Automation
Beyond Mapping, Survey, and Inspection: Emerging Applications for Commercial Drones
Drone Responders Public Safety
Hazardous Materials Response with sUAS